what a weird buttplug

what a weird buttplug

I never really thought I had that great of an ass but if I compare it to the asses of most of the dudes I’ve hooked up with it is actually considerably better so as a result I have reconsidered my opinion on my ass

A message from sweatervestman
You're outfits are so on point and you are amazing. Thanks!


you’re welcome??

I mean no, thank YOU!

buy me thongs

A message from starpulses
hello I just wanted to drop in and say I like your blog and I hope you're having a good night :]

I also hope you’re having a good night kind citizen

A message from tateware

you’ve fallen right into my trap you fool

nopantiestrueslut replied to your post: talk at me

like you could afford it

I’ll make you cookies

A message from Anonymous
you seem like a really nice and warm person and i hope youre having a good day

aw well gosh thanks!

you seem pretty sweet yourself anon, and I hope you’re also having a good day!


colby keller is obviously a real-life yaoi character I mean have you seen his fucking hands they’re obscenely huge

don’t believe me????????